Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An ending has been written.

I've been neglecting this far too long, and this is too big to let pass.

A couple of days ago, Willow "Wheely" Engberg and her friend Rosette Taylor were caught in a partial building collapse, near the Kahlo Pub, in the public instance of Ae'gura. Rose was killed in the collapse, but Wheely survived. The DRC mounted a rescue effort, and began to dig down four floors to reach Wheely A Bahro was in the room with her, but seeminly did nothing to help. (For reasons unknown, it stayed with her, but didn't link her out.)

Tonight they finally broke through. But as they widened the hole to rescue her, the Bahro began to go crazy. And then, something killed Wheely. It wasn't a further collapse, and whatever it was left horrific results. Speculation is running high, everything from the Bahro to Esher to the mysterious Neghilan predator and inbetween. But one thing is for certain.

Two people died. And unless we can convince Yeesha to link back in time to save them (if she even can do it), they're gone forever.

Everyone has felt this impact. We'd all hoped Wheely would make it back alive. We packed Ae'gura for two days, cheering her on whenever she was awake and her KI was working, reassuring her that she would make it. We encouraged Mr. Engberg too, and all the DRC members, to keep working. We were waiting to see her again, to wave at her and cheer her as she came out from the building.

But it was not to be.

So long, you two. See you in Yahvo's Age.

(Image by Butch.)