Monday, August 21, 2006

The sound of rain and thunder

There are very few things from the Surface that I miss in the Cavern. Thunderstorms are on that list.

I'm here in my house today, listening to rain pour from my roof, and the rumbles of thunder. I spend a lot of time on the Surface, unfortunately, as I have to make money. Luckilly, it's not hard to get to the Cavern, thanks to my Relto book.

Summer in Arkansas is always hot and dry, but this year has been unusually so around here. It's been a long time since I've heard a storm, and I've missed it. It always relaxes me. Strange though -- when I was a child, I was terrified of storms. I would call my mother at work if a storm woke me up at night, just so she could calm me down. And yet, by they time I was an adult, I loved storms. I studied meteorology for two and a half years in college, I love them so much. I fondly and vividly remember chasing storms across the vast plains of Oklahoma and Texas with my friends, always looking for the elusive supercell storm. We even caught it a few times!

There is rain and thunder in Eder Kemo, true. However, it doesn't feel the same. The storms are short, and mild. The power, the raw strength of a massive thunderstorm are missing. You don't hear the water pouring onto your roof, and off of it, blowing against the windows on all sides as the wind shifts around. You don't see the brilliant flashes through the curtains of rain that block all else. The thunder is nearly constant here, and it rattles windows and shakes your bones. Eder Kemo is relaxing as well, like a warm summer rain, but it lacks the power.

I know, I'm rambling. I guess it's just nice to feel this strength again, after so long without it. And it's a reminder that as much as I love the Cavern, there are times it's good to be on the Surface.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Always look on the bright side of life

First, of course, many are hurt because we were decieved. Starfyre was not who we thought she was. In a very real way we have lost an explorer. She's as dead now as if she had been hit by a car. However, we also get to add in the feelings of betrayal by a family member. For you see, the explorers really are like a big family. We bicker and argue at times over the small stuff (and not so small stuff), but in the end we get past it together.

However, we must keep in mind the positive things. The community came together for one of our own in need, as I think we would do anytime. Someone took advantage of the situation, but that makes the original actions of the explorers no less significant. Like a family, we take care of each other however we can, be it in the Cavern or on the Surface. We help; it's what we do!

It's part of what makes this group so wonderful. We will get past this deception, and life in the Cavern will continue as it has. We'll keep helping each other, and while we may be a bit more wary for a time, I'm sure we'll move just as quickly should (Yahvo forbid) another explorer require our help, and our sympathy, and our love. For that is simply who we are.

Starfyre will be missed for who we thought she was. The imposter who pretended to be her will be reviled, though even he may achieve forgiveness one day, should he truly come to regret his actions. Only time will tell. Until then, we have the Cavern, and each other. And that will be enough.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sad news from the Cavern

Today, a dark cloud seems to hang over the Cavern and all the Ages. Early this morning, we lost one of our own. Starfyre was the founder of the AgeBuilders, a group learning how to Write their own Ages. She had gone to the Surface to pick up some supplies and spend time with her sister, but during that time she was the victim of a hit-and-run driver, and was in a coma upon arrival to the hospital. Her sister died soon after, and Starfyre died very early this morning.

She will be missed, and we will all be thinking of her family. Her loss will be felt throughout the Cavern. But, perhaps, the ending has not yet been written...

EDIT: Update.

I'm going to take some thinking time before I decide what to say/do about this entry.