Sunday, July 23, 2006


This time, before the official re-opening of the Cavern, but after the DRC reappeared, has been called D'mala by many. It is a time of returning, both for the DRC and for the explorers. Many who had moved on with their lives on the Surface came back to the Cavern as soon as they heard the news, and had gathered together a few supplies. Of course, many of us had been in the Cavern since it returned to sleep, usually alone, but sometimes in groups. But while there was life in the Cavern, D'ni still slept. The hope, while not gone, was very low that she would ever wake.

But since the DRC returned, the hope has flown high! Life has returned to D'ni, and the explorers again find ways to amuse themselves. For while there is still little new to explore (that will come after the official re-opening), we must keep things going ourselves. We party a lot (hey, we're a group that loves a good party), both in organized events, and in random groupings. We share stories with each other. We have sewing circles, and scholarly discussions. We just hang around and talk about whatever comes to mind. Yesterday, I participated in a race through the five Ages we have available to us. I did quite well, finishing in two hours and 14 minutes! (The best time was set by Mark Dev and his team, at one hour and 20 minutes. That'll be a tough one to beat!) In short, we find things to keep ourselves busy in the D'mala, until the Restoration truly begins again.

Some time back, the DRC asked for five Liaisons, people who could help with gathering and spreading information. After all, the DRC are few, and the explorers are many. They wanted some people who could help to spread information around, who would be around when the DRC wasn't and could answer questions. They left it up to us as to how we should pick the five, and that in itself was a task. But after much discussion, debate, and a couple of scandals (for what's an election without scandal?), the five Liaisons were chosen. I was lucky enough to be one of the five. (Lucky?? That may be debatable, but I think in the end I was lucky.) We've been doing our part to keep D'mala alive, scheduling meetings with DRC members to keep the explorers up-to-date on where things stand. As usual, the DRC hasn't answered all the questions, but they've done quite a bit better than in the past.

In the end, we do what we can. Our time has truly been short, but it has been good. We'll make the most of it, gathering together to enjoy our company. We will relax and enjoy what we have, before the work begins again. And it will start again, sooner than we think.

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