Saturday, December 23, 2006

About that "Bahro thing"...

First off, I wanted to mention that everyone is fine. Marie Sutherland got back to me and said the DRC were all linked out as well, but they're fine. There have been no reports of missing people, and we've all been able to get back into the Cavern, though the DRC has put up barricades again and some equipment is missing. I'm not pleased about this, but more on that later.

The most exciting thing to me, aside from seeing so many old friends back again, is how huge the crowds have been! There are people everywhere, packing the 'hoods and Ae'gura. My Neighbors list regularly falls off my KI screen, and if I go to Ae'gura, the Age Players list will do the same (pushing everything else off, of course). It was rare to see this back in the D'mala, and it's so beautiful!

Not to mention that the DRC members have been making appearances all over, checking in with the explorers and answering questions. Well, some questions, anyway. They're better about it, but they're still keeping their secrets.

Which brings me back to the barricades and missing equipment. The "Bahro thing" of last Tuesday resulted in several other changes -- all the old KIs went inactive, the Nexus system reset, there was some kind of spike on the Lattice, several items have vanished in the Cavern and Ages including Relto -- and so the DRC have blocked off areas until they're sure things are safe. This makes sense to me, as their concern is our safety, though I think they're over-reacting. But there's something else that bothers me, and it regards the missing telescopes from the Neighborhoods.
(12/20 12:06:12) ireenquench: Did you take the telescope away? Or was that one of the inexplicable "subtle changes" caused by the incident?
(12/20 12:06:41) Victor Laxman: After the odd occurances yesterday, we're trying to be careful.
(12/20 12:06:58) Linkin' Imp: But, why the scope
(12/20 12:07:08) Victor Laxman: You never know what kind of damage a telescope can cause.

(12/21 19:20:21) Dr. Kodama: We have removed certain items until we are certain they are working properly.
(12/21 19:20:37) Dr. Kodama: The telescope...well it was best to have it gone for a while.
This strongly implies to me that there's something they didn't want us to see through the telescopes. Something they think will cause problems if we see it. (Because really, how else could a telescope cause damage?) They know something we don't, and they're not telling. This bothers me -- they still don't trust us. Then again, with how some of the explorers have been treating the DRC members, I can kind of understand that. But that's another rant for another time.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with how things are going. The barricades should be coming down next week, and the Gallery doors should be open as well, for the first time ever! The place is packed, and while the DRC is definitely keeping something from us, I'm sure it will be revealed in time. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. But things are happening, and that is a welcome change.

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