Sunday, February 11, 2007

I had a dream...

First, you must know this: The Restoration will officially begin Thursday, February 15, 2007. Yes, admittedly, it has been basically running for a year now already, but that is the day the DRC has chosen to name Launch Day. This is entirely new territory for us. Last time, the Restoration was shut down before it really got off the ground, so this is truly the first Launch. A dream nearly 20 years old is finally coming to be. I'm sure Dr. Watson, wherever he is, is smiling.

Last night, I had a dream. (This morning, really, but that's beside the point.) The day was Wednesday, February 15, 2017, and I was again at the Ferry Terminal in old Ae'gura. "Old Ae'gura", you see, because we had the whole island open to us. But I was coming back to where we had began some ten years ago, though nothing looked as it had.

The Cavern was bright, well-lit at this time by fully restored algae. A boat was moving across the harbor, headed into the docks and loaded down with partying explorers. Hundreds flowed up and down the Great Stairs, and I walked with them to Tokotah Plaza. Here, they split off into smaller streams, some going into the Guild Hall, others to the Tokotah buildings or the Palace, yet others down to the Canyon Alley. I walked to the overlook, listening to the beautiful songs coming from the Concert Hall for a few minutes before moving on. I was not done here.

We had over a hundred Ages available to us, and the parties had spread across all of them. Every neighborhood was filled to capacity, and even the few places open in the City Proper were full. But Ae'gura, as always, was busiest. It was, after all, the center of the Cavern. But all of D'ni rang with celebration, for we had survived ten years, and prospered! The New Tree was still young, but strong, and growing ever stronger.

I finally met up with my friends on some recently-opened rooftop. It was a gathering of "old-timers", though of course we turned no one away. Most of my friends were there, though we had lost a few over the years. As always, we shared plenty of stories of the past, remembering that day in Eder Kemo, or the adventure at K'veer, or when Phil finally returned from his great Journey. The first time we saw Bahro appear in the Cavern. Our first encounter with a true D'ni. The day the DRC nearly lost control of the whole thing. So many stories, so many memories, so much history. And here we were, celebrating our 10 years in the Cavern.

I woke up happy and more excited than ever about things to come. I hope this dream will come true.

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Yali said...

Wow! That is exactly how I envision Uru in ten years. I've been dreaming big lately.

I hope your "vision" comes to be fulfilled and Uru does live that long. I hope we get all of the cavern and Releeshahn, and that our Relto bookshelves are filled, and that now we have to go to offworld libraries to access more plethora's of Ages, and I want us to all be the writers!