Monday, February 08, 2010

Activity in the Cavern

*taps the screen* Is this thing still on? Hello? *blows off some dust*

It's been almost three years since my last post on this record of my journeys. Needless to say, the death of Wheely and Rose in the Cavern was a kind of ending for me, and though the journeys continued, I was less involved with the others, and more focused on my own explorations. Then two years ago, the DRC once again lost funding and the Cavern was closed. I had seen this before, I had known the sadness of an empty city once filled with life. So this time, I left. I knew others would look after D'ni. I still felt the Call, but I shelved my Relto book and took off my KI. After all, there are other worlds than these, and I had other journeys to follow.

Though I have found my way and made my home in a different world, I have always listened for news from the Explorers, following their progress from a distance. Many, like me, moved to new worlds, some carrying the old Explorer traditions with them, and have become respected groups in those worlds. Some have remained in the Cavern and Ages, doing what maintainance and repair work they can. Some have learned the ancient Art and now make new Ages. Others continue translation and documentation of artifacts. It goes on and on, continuing the work they did before. But yesterday, word reached me of activity on the old DRC forums -- Victor Laxman, Marie Sutherland, and Ikuro Kodama had all posted!

The forums suddenly were abuzz with people who hadn't even been to the site in months -- I had to dust off my old account too! We all knew something was up, but didn't really know what. After all, it's not every day the former DRC members show up after two years! And yes, I stress former, because they too have moved on. (Well, Dr. Watson moved on years ago, really...) They are now Explorers, like the rest of us, who feel the Call to return to a place older than mankind itself, a true Cavern of wonders.

Today, the Call can once again be answered. The Cavern is again open to all, free of charge. Time to make a new home.

I honestly never thought I'd get the chance to return. I'd left my Relto closed down, in hope I'd one day go back to visit, though after a few months I never did. My KI got put away somewhere safe, but of course now I can't remember where it is. My Relto book was still safely shelved, though I had to find it under a few other books, and it's still just fine if a bit dusty. However, when I went back today, I found all my book locks are rusted shut. I'm hoping to go back tomorrow and get them working again, but surface life always interferes. We shall see. But soon enough, I too will be down there again, with those I've not seen in two years. The Community returns. The Explorers return. Life returns.

"The deep city breathes. Uru again."

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