Monday, November 06, 2006

Light a fire, and people get hopping

It seems that my last post (along with several others in blogs and forums) lit a bit of a fire under the DRC, and things have started moving forward again. We got a bit more information on the job (that we should be dealing with the DRC, not any funding groups like Cyan or GameTap), and the DRC is planning to meet with us on Wednesday. We have a few things planned to discuss with them, though mostly we're going to be strongly pushing them for a better idea of why they created the position in the first place. I think we're to the point that if they don't tell us, we'll just make it whatever we want it to be, and they may not like what we decide to do.

I'm actually happy to see this result, though I'm not pleased with how we got here. Though on the plus side (again), I'm hoping most of the frustration has been vented, and we can start working on making things better now.

I must apologize for this short post, but I must be off to bed. Hopefully I'll elaborate a bit more soon.

EDIT: I never came back and talked more about this, and felt I should at least clarify one thing. After further discussion, it was decided that we should work with the funding groups (Cyan and GameTap), as well as all explorer groups, to help in spreading information around. Our job is simply to spread information, however we can, from whoever needs it to the explorers at large. Obviously we'll be working mostly with the DRC, Cyan, and GameTap, but we hope to help the explorer groups as well, as their needs and our schedule allow. I think I'll leave more on this until after the Restoration starts again, and we have a clearer idea of how things will go in the future.

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Whilyam said...

Hey, Vort! Looks like your post lighting a fire under the DRC may have caused them to light a fire under something else.

Perhaps this would be a good thing to bring up in the next meeting?