Saturday, December 16, 2006

Something exciting?

Wow, two updates in two days! It's unbelievable! Whatever could make me do this?

Well, see, there's a rumor going around. One from a source I find very reliable (RAWA at Cyan Worlds). There's already a Town Hall meeting planned for Tuesday, at 11AM Cavern Time (that's US Mountain Standard time), with someone (or more?) from the DRC. However, the rumor has it that something important will happen at the same time, and that anyone, anywhere in the Cavern will witness this something.

So, if you can get down to the Cavern, be sure to join in the D'mala that day. It's something you probably won't want to miss.


Kestr'l said...

Hey, great website! I am also bloggin my experiences in Uru. Have you thought about putting your site onto Uru Blogs ( I'd love to read your thoughts on Uru as they come up. It's also good exposure for your blog to people who really care about your subject matter.

Vortmax said...

I was actually on there, but when I upgraded to Blogger Beta, it broke the feed. Tweek has been working on fixing it, and I should be back on there soon. :D