Friday, December 15, 2006

Days of the New

Forgive me for neglecting my blog -- it has been a very exciting time in the Cavern of late!

As of December 20, the DRC Restoration will be back in full swing. That's exactly one year since Victor Laxman's strange post appeared on the DRC forums. As JWPlatt put it, " Full restart from a cold engine in just one year. Awesome!" I have to agree!

It's hard to believe it's been only a year since the DRC returned. The D'mala has only been going since February, and here we are, ready to jump into the Restoration again! And thanks to the generous support of Turner Networks -- they've been spreading the word on their GameTap service, as well as funding the Restoration -- even more explorers will be joining us soon. (In fact, some of them have already made an appearance! Hello new explorers!)

How many of us never thought we'd see this day after the first shutdown? I know I did. The hope was always there, true, but realistically I figured it was over. D'ni would be left to the few who still ventured down, alone or in small groups. They might be able to maintain things, but the explorers simply did not have the resources to restore the Cavern and Ages. The Cavern wouldn't really breathe again, just remain on the respirator. And now... Now, she breathes, she grows, she stirs again. Next Wednesday, she will open her eyes, and be truly awake again for the first time in almost three years! She has slept lighter since the D'mala began, to be sure, but to be truly awake again! It is a dream come true, for myself, and for many, many others.

We don't know what's to come. We have hints, clues, but no real knowledge. Only that Yeesha will return as well as the DRC, and some mysterious 'he' and 'they' will show up too. Oh, and that destruction is coming, but what does that matter? We'll find a way and make a home together, as we always have.

I can't wait!

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